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Let Go

Letting go and detaching from the outcome opens up new doors. Just recently, I was clinging hard to the idea of getting my own office with my colleague and good friend. The office I had my eye on would require renovation and all new furniture and decorations. Logically, it didn’t make sense financially, yet I was bound and determined that this was the office.

After weeks of holding on, I told myself I was going to detach from the outcome and trust that I would be guided in the right direction. Shortly after making the declaration to let go, it occurred to me that subletting from someone else would make a lot more sense. I had seen an advertisement for space from one of my old co-workers and thought, what the heck? I might as well reach out. I reached out and effortlessly by the end of that week, I had keys to my new space that was fully furnished, fully decorated, and fully functioning.

Moral of the story, stop grasping, let go, detach from the outcome,

and see what doors open up for you.

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