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Love is a Choice

What if love was a choice? What if love was an action?

This would imply that the idea of falling in love, or falling out of love is simply a myth. The term “falling” implies a complete lack of control, or a lack of choice. This feels so disempowering. It is like you are just getting thrown around by something outside yourself.

A choice, on the other hand, implies that there is power within you. You consciously get to decide every single day whether you love that other person or not. It is in your hands.

An action means that you have agency over whether you love or do not love. Through the way you show up and act, you are putting love out there.

Love to me, goes beyond a feeling. It isn’t just you have it or you don’t have it. It is you choose to work on it, or you don’t. You choose to use your actions to display love or you don’t.

If falling out of love was really a thing, would any love survive?

A mentor of mine had been married over 30 years and she said that even to this day she wakes up and chooses to love her partner every single day. There is power in having choices.

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