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Mix It Up

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Yesterday morning, walking outside the gate of my community, I turned left onto the river trail, toward the sunrise. For five and a half years, every time I have gone for a walk, I have turned right onto the river trail. As I walked toward the sunrise, admiring the beautiful mountains, I came across a magnificent mural that I had never seen before. The mural was full of colors – yellow, orange, blue, green, purple. Monarch butterflies adorned the wall, horses, and a hummingbird. I smiled to myself as I admired the scene.

I flashed to a memory of co-facilitating a group and telling the group members to mix it up. Change seats each class. Take a different route home. Use your less dominate hand to eat or write. Keep the brain guessing. This is good for neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change, reorganize, or grow neural networks.

Neuroplasticity helps with a person's ability to learn new things, enhance cognitive capabilities, and boost overall brain fitness.

I am definitely a creature of habit and yesterday, I was in a particularly good mood. I had recently been having some days where I felt a bit stuck and progress had felt too slow, and then suddenly, like magic, I had moved past that hump and was feeling more open and adventurous.

How can you mix things up today?

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