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Protect Your Energy

The other day a client asked me how I let go of all the heavy stories I hear each day. This is something I have been honing in for years. There are several things I do that help.

First of all, in every conversation I have, I have my first attention on my own physiological experience. This sounds counter-intuitive yet it helps me be truly present. It helps me to seek to feel and understand what is being said, versus seeking to come up with the right response. It helps me stay in my own experience and not take on their experience. It helps me notice my own activation and then pace the conversation based on that. Slowing down when I feel tension and taking a breath, or a pause. I often reflect to the person what I am noticing in my own body and then ask what they are noticing in their body. This practice not only works with clients, but with personal relationships too.

When I get home at the end of the day, I lie under my 25-pound weighted blanket, on the couch. I usually pull up a cat or two, which helps too, with all their purring, which settles the nervous system. The weighted blanket helps me feel all of my sensations; I can notice the energy moving down my body through my legs in waves and then out my feet in tingling sensations.

Before bed time, I take a shower or a bath, and I visualize that I am releasing all the energy of the day down the drain. I am washing it all away. I am becoming renewed. I have a fresh start. It feels amazing.

These are my top three strategies, and there are so many more little ways that I protect my energy throughout my days which I will continue to blog about in weeks to come


How do you protect your energy? How do you imagine you could protect your energy, if you don’t have strategies yet?

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