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Tiny Changes

The other day when I was struggling, my husband, Rob, gave me sage advice that really worked. Rob is a teacher of Dharma Recovery, a Buddhist approach to healing, and is a wealth of wisdom. I feel endlessly blessed to be his partner.

I was complaining to him about how I felt like a failure because I could not seem to commit to a healthy exercise routine on my own. He guided me to consider focusing on things I like such as walking outside. And then he said,

“Make one tiny change. This change will have a ripple effect and impact other aspects of your life.”

I am known to be an early morning person although as of late I had been allowing myself to wake up whenever I felt like, with no sense of consistent routine. I tend to function really well with a routine. Knowing all this, Rob recommended I simply set my alarm for 6am each day.

I did what he suggested and each day since this simple change of having a set wake-up time, I have gotten up and gone on a walk. The first day of this tiny change I was walking and my heart opened and I decided I need to make amends with someone who things ended badly with. When I got home from my walk that day, I sent a message to that person thanking them for everything they’ve done for me and letting them know I missed them. I was received with open arms.

The next day, during my walk, I felt motivation to start blogging again after having had several weeks of a dry spell when it comes to creativity and putting my thoughts out there. That day, I came home and I wrote a blog post. Now we are on day three of having a set wake-up time and I am blogging again.

Rob could not have been more on point; one tiny little change can create a ripple effect.

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