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Most Benevolent Outcome

Many years ago, I learned a simple, yet truly profound prayer that has stuck with me ever since:

“Most benevolent outcome; this or something better.”

This prayer helps you to detach from the outcome, and trust that the universe has your back, and wants the best for you, and for all parties involved.

The first time I used this prayer was about 8 years ago. I was interviewing for a job that seemed like a longshot. I was nervous. On the day of the interview, I arrived to the office early. I sat in my car for 15 minutes repeating again and again:

“Most benevolent outcome; this or something better.”

By the time I walked into the building, my nervousness had faded. I no longer was grasping tightly to having to get the job. This allowed me to just show up as my true, authentic self, without trying to impress anyone. It helped put in perspective that I was interviewing them as well, to see if this was even a job I wanted.

This prayer made me feel more confident; surer of myself. Less concerned with the results.

For the record, I got offered the job on the spot. I ended up taking that job, and there I met two women, who are now some of my best friends, all these years later.

It felt like there was magic in that simple, yet profound prayer. It opened me up to possibilities and to some kind of divine intervention.

May you find in all your decisions that you receive the,

“Most benevolent outcome; this or something better.”


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